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Edendale Primary School

24 Salford Street

Edendale 9825

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Contact Us:  

After School Care Co-ordinator:  Mrs Debbie Harvey     206 6888

After School Care Assistant:  Miss Hannah Wallis

After School Care Assistant:  Miss Shazarna Harvey



Session Times:

Monday to Friday

3.00pm until 5.30pm/6.00pm

School Term Time Only

Rules and Regulations

  • 1.     Attendance at the After School Care programme is for children enrolled at Edendale Primary School.


    2.    Attendance is also open to Year 7 – 8 past Edendale Primary School pupils. 

  • 3.    Session payments are $15 per child per day to 5.30pm.  This payment will include a small afternoon tea. 


    4.    Session payments are $20 per child per day to 6.00pm.  This payment will include a small afternoon tea.


    5.    There are no part session payments.


    6.     There are no tentative bookings that are subject to an external event occurring or not occurring.  


    7.     The school uses the numbers of children booked to determine staffing ratios. 


    8.     Casual attendees must provide prior warning to attend for a specified short term period.  Prior warning is a reasonable amount of time to allow for staffing levels to be appropriate.  This could be up to a two days. 

  • 9.     Payments are expected in advance, per term/session, to secure a place in the after school programme.  

  •         Payment may be made as follows:
  • ·           By cash, eftpos or cheque at the school office (Cheques made payable to Edendale School Board of Trustees.

    ·           Internet banking to Edendale School Board of Trustees A/c Number 03 0962 0011632 00 using ASC and your child’s name as a reference.


    10.     Cancellation due to sickness is for up to seven days per year. 


    11.     Cancellation with less than 24 hours notice (excluding sickness above) will still incur a session charge.  Both the school office and the After School Care coordinator will need to be notified.


    12.      There will be a $5 late penalty charge for pick ups that go beyond a ‘Grace period’ of 5 minutes beyond the designated pick up time.

  • 13.     Bookings are made to both the school office and the afterschool carer.  The school office tracks payments.

  •           The Afterschool Carer runs the programme.
  •  14.    Should a child's behaviour be such that they do not co-operate with the expected standards of behaviour 

              for an Edendale Primary School pupil then their place in the after school programme will be in threat of being                 


        15.    An enrolment form is to be completed prior to attendance at the after school care programme.   These are available

                     from the school office.