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 The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the school.  It is made up of five parent elected

  representatives, a school staff member and the principal.  The Board of Trustees may co-opt 

  members to ensure succession, diversity of skills and healthy community representation.    

  The Board is proactive in inducting new members and encourages all members to undertake 

  training provided by the New Zealand Schools Trustee Association.

  Roles of the Board of Trustees

  • Employ all school staff
  • Approves the budget for all money given to the school by the governme
  • Developing and implementing the school strategic plan to ensure the future success of the school.

  The Board of Trustees meets twice a term.  The meetings are held in the School and are 

  advertised in our weekly newsletter.

   2017 Audited Accounts

Current Board of Trustees Members

Mr Jacob Smyth

Mrs Nicole Elliot

Mr Logan McKenzie

Ms Joy Johnston

Mrs Nicole Elliott and Brendon Clarke

Mrs Nicole Elliott

Mrs Joy Johnston

Mrs Nicole Elliott

Mrs Wendy Weir

Mr David McKenzie


Deputy Chairperson

Financial Task Force



Pool Committee Representative

Uniform Sub-Committee

Home and School Association Rep 

Staff Representative