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We are so proud to have had Burt Munro attend Edendale Primary School in the early 1900's. It is so interesting to read and learn about all his achievements.

This timeline is an excerpt from "The World's Fastest Indian" by Roger Donaldson


25th March, Born one of twins, Edendale, New Zealand.  Unnamed sister does not survive.


10th October.  Brother Ernest William killed by falling tree.


Buys a Clyno motorcycle for 50 pounds.  Starts racing.


Buys an Indian Scout for 140 pounds.  Engine number 50R627.  It is 627th bike of this model produced by the Indian Motorcycle Company


19th September.  Gets a speeding ticket for exceeding 15m.p.h.


Marries Beryl Martyn (born 11/09/1908).  Newlyweds sail for Australia. 16th November.  Daughter Sybil June born at Rose Bay, NSW, Australia.


24th January.  Daughter Florence Margaret born at Glebe, NSW, Australia.  Crashes badly at Aspendale Speedway, Sydney. 


Burt and family return to New Zealand