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Edendale Primary School

24 Salford Street

Edendale 9825

(    03 206 6959


*       027 614 6740        


App:    Edendale PS Southland

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Home and School Executive

Structural Overview

Money Makers

Meets to organise fundraisers as regularly as necessary.

Parent Support

Convenes the necessary         parent support for school events and functions.

Hands  On

Organises two working bees     in the year and completes repair jobs.

Contact Us....

Catherine Frantz

Amy Alksne

Edith Shepherd

Tania Milne and Tracey Shepherd


Brian Carnie

Executive Chair



Money Makers

Parent Support

Working Bees

The Home and School Association needs to have more parents involved.  If you can contribute please contact one of the above members.  Thank you in advance.