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Edendale Primary School

24 Salford Street

Edendale 9825

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Edendale Primary School is serviced with buses from Ritchies Transport in Gore.

There are four Ministry of Education designed bus runs that serve our school.

  • Brydone
  • Homestead
  • Seaward Downs
  • Fortrose Secondary

There are strict rules set by the Ministry of Education regarding bus eligibility based around a Transport Entitlement Zone  (TEZ).   If you live outside of the Transport Entitlement Zone you will be charged for transport.  Payment is made directly to Ritchies Transport.   Please check with the school office if you have any questions.

Bus Roll
A bus roll is maintained at the school office and is marked before the chidlren leave for home.  If there is to be any change to the bus arrangements for your child on any day, you will need to notify the school office.

Contact for Ritchies Coachlines

Ritchies Coachlines, P O Box 284, Gore

Telephone:  03 208 9902