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Learning is a partnership between the children, parents/whanau and the classroom teacher. 

We know that the silver bullet for the success of a child is what happens in the home.

At Edendale Primary School our home based individualised learning partnership work focuses around three main areas.

  • Reading: We expect our children to be learning words and reading each week night.  Reading mileage is vital for progress in reading so a small portion each day helps keep children progressing and reading fit.
  • Spelling: We have established a comprehensive spelling programme that equips our children with the important words that they need to know to function successfully in a modern world.  This programme is paced at the child's speed.
  • Basic Facts: We aim to ensure that all our pupils leave our school with instant recall of the essential basic facts.  We have established a personalised programme that ensures children work through mastery of their basic facts

Pre-school Preparation Programme

We run a pre-school parent meeting once per term, normally in Week 3, from 2pm to 3pm for those parents of children who have turned 4 years.  Check with our office to ensure you are on our invitation list.  Listed below are the topics that are covered.  This is a great opportunity for you to see how to help partner our school with your child's learning.

Term One


Term Two

Reading and Writing

Term Three

Oral Language

Term Four

Getting ready for school routines