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Edendale Primary School has a compulsory uniform. 

Children will need to have a combination of the following items.

  • Black shorts (no brand labelling)
  • Black pants (no brand labelling)
  • Girls Box Tartan Pleat Skirt
  • Girls Black Skort
  • Black or white socks or tights
  • Black thermal top (long or short sleeve) that can be worn underneath polo shirts.
  • Black shoes, boots, heel strap sandals
  • Gumboots - Term Two and Three Winter option only
  • School appropriate gym shoes
  • Sun Hat - Maroon/Burgundy Aussie or Bucket Style

The following items are available from The Warehouse in Invercargill.  There are some items that you will need to order in so allow plenty of time when purchasing it.  You may also be able to purchase some items  online at



Black Cargo

Pocket Pants 

Style 23855


Black shorts

No Labelling

Style  727498

Long Sleeved 


Style 6012 


Short Sleeved 


Style 6608


Black and White Tracksuit Jacket

Style 99220

 Girls Box Tartan 

Pleat Skirt

Style 70757

Colour TRT003

Girls Skort

Style 702046

Colour Black

Polar Fleece

 Black and White 

Polar Fleece

Style Number 710195 

Bucket Hat

Maroon or Burgundy

Style 6691 or

Style S7404

Remember to nominate Edendale Primary School, Southland when you purchase your uniform items.  Our school will get a rebate back from The Warehouse.