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Teacher:  Mrs Jenny Coyle

Class Year Level:  Year 6

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What it means to be a Team Kahu pupil

   Our native bird of prey, the kahu (also known as the Australasian Harrier

   Hawk) is very common in Southland, often seen gliding over paddocks

   searching for prey.

   Like the Kahu we are soaring through our own journey - a learning journey -

   scanning and search for new knowledge and skills that we will grab and

   scavenge with both 'talons', taking large bites with our strong 'beaks'!

  For Maori, the Kahu is a symbol of victory and chieftainship - with Year Six 

  pupils having leadership roles within the school, we are certainly going to try to  

  do our best to live up to the legacy of the Kahu.