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Teacher:  Miss Kim Nicol

Class Year Level:  Year 3

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What it means to be  a Team Pukeko pupil


    Pukekos are very sociable.  They live peacefully together and work 

    co-operatively to gather food and raise their young.  These traits are so

    important to have in a classroom.  We need Team Pukeko children to show

    the co-operative skills of Pukeko.

    In Team Pukeko we need each child to be caring and compassionate

    towards each other as well as other children in the school.  Getting on

    peacefully with each other requires respect and honesty.  These are

    important in Team Pukeko.

   Pukeko show our value of persistence and flexibility as they are one of the few

   New Zealand native birds that have thrived since the arrival of man.  As

   learners in Team Pukeko the children need to be persistent in what they are

   doing and not give up at the first sense of difficulty.  Pukeko learners also

   need to be flexible and adapt to changes that may occur.