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Teacher:   Miss Laura McVicar

Class Year Level:  Year 2

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What it Means to be Team Weka

     Weka are curious birds that search for any food item to help them


      Curiosity is important in Team Weka as we look for learning

      opporutunities and ask questions to further our learning.

      Weka are confident birds as they are often heard rather than seen and are

      not afraid to seek an opportunity.  Being a confident learner and having

      trust in what you are doing is very useful.  Taking opportunities as they

      come and risk taking is so important for the Team Weka children. 

      Weka look out for each other and do their best to take care of themselves.

      In Team Weka we want to be caring towards others by showing them 


      In Team Weka we strive for our fellow Weka members to be the best 

      learners and people they can be.