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Edendale Primary School

24 Salford Street

Edendale 9825

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Term One - Tuesday 30th  January  - Friday 13th April

Term Two - Monday 30th April - Friday 6th July

Term Three - Monday 23rd July - Friday 28th September

Term Four - Monday 15th October - Friday 14th December (or a date that ensures the school has been open for 384 half days)

2019    (Please note that these are the Ministry of Education  published Term Dates.  Edendale School  may vary the start and end dates for the year.  Please contact the school office to confirm the start and end dates.

Term One: 4th February to 12th April 

Term Two:  29th April - 5 July

Term Three:  22nd July - 27 September

Term Four:  14th October - 13th December